Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hattie the Bad: Written by Jane Devlin, Pictures by Joe Berger

What can I say? I'm a bit "bad' at heart, so this book appealed to me!! Read along to find what unfolds in this story for Hattie the Bad. And, don't let the book title scare you away...after all, I think that even the best of us have a little bad inside! Besides that, this story has a good moral to it. We all need to remember what makes us us. We are all unique in our own way...even if that means that we are a bit mischievous or don't always follow the rules. Rules are meant to be broken anyway, right? And, sometimes being too good is overrated! I think the bottom line to remember when reading this book is that we shouldn't take things or ourselves too seriously. Life is meant to be enjoyed. You can't worry about what others think of you or change who you are to fit their mold. You have to remain true to yourself and be who you really are.
Happy reading....

Oh yeah...I forgot to add, that the illustrations in this book are very vivid, bright, and appealing to the eye. I love the work that Joe Berger did with the pictures in the book!

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