Friday, November 12, 2010

Nothing: By Jon Agee

* I thought this book title was appropriate for my return to The Children's Book Bin blog. For those of you who had been keeping up with me before, I apologize for the hiatus. That's just life, I guess. I fully intend to keep up with regular blog postings now, though. Wish me luck! *
Nothing by Jon Agee is a wonderful book about how silly people can be about their "things" and thus their accumulation of "things". I happen to think this is a great story about greed and how silly it can be. Read this book with your children to see how when someone has too many things they'll go so far as to buy something that's a nonsense item just because they feel that they need to have more things. Then others will follow them, just because it seems like the trendy thing to do. You'll have to read the story to find out what results, though. This is a very cute story for children with a bit of wittiness thrown in for the adults!

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