Thursday, February 11, 2010

Help me out!!

Sorry everyone. I have been seriously lagging here with this blog. I haven't had time to get into a bookstore or library to check out any new books. So, this is where maybe some of you can help me out. Let me know what books you have come across lately that are worth talking about. Tell me a story about going to the bookstore or the library. Tell me about a story time event you went to with your kids. Tell me something, anything related to reading or books. It can even be something that doesn't pertain to children's books. Just share with me. I need some motivation. (And some proof that someone is actually reading what I write!!)

Happy story telling......


  1. Go Away, Big Green Monster!
    ~ Ed Emberley


    I need my monster / written by Amanda Noll

    Amelia and Toby loves these books.

  2. I take my kids to the library like maybe once or every other week. We just randomly pick one the books or display from the bookstore.

  3. Thanks Sally! I will have to check these books out. I'm putting them on my list of books to read and review!

  4. P.S. Thanks for sharing the comment about taking the kids to the library. That is so great that you take them so often. It will so pay off later in life for them.

  5. Thanks Sally, for following the blog. You're a great sister in law!!! <3